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Fahrenheit Productions
ui / ux
Fahrenheit Productions

Designing a website for Fahrenheit productions with both, mobile and desktop versions.

Fahrenheit fuels a perpetual renaissance, generating unparalleled intellectual, economic and social value. We Integrate research with movie-making, the artistic with the scientific, and the up - and - corner with the advantaged.

With the drive to create hot content and embrace new challenges, we are redefining ourselves and the role of a production house in a changing world.


January 2020

This is a hypothetical project done as a part of my college assignment.​


I started the process by understanding and studying how various websites work.

And upon a further study of users, creating an information architecture and laying out the user flow for the website, I set out to create wireframes.


Adobe XD

All wireframes, UI designs and animations done on Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop

GIF's and mockups made with Adobe Photoshop.

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