Unacademy Compete

Unacademy had a ‘Practice’ module which let students answer questions as a way of revision. The idea was to build a competitive platform on top of that, similar to trivia apps like Quizup. It aimed to fulfil the following goals.

  • Increase learner conversion via scholarships given at the end of a match
  • Increase learner activation on the platform
  • Increase learner activity on the platform

My contribution

  • I worked on early explorations of the visual identity and collaborated with the product design team to create a brand-new visual theme and finalise a colour scheme that was quite different than the Unacademy learner app, since this was supposed to look different yet coherent.
  • I worked along with my creative lead to set up a visual system once the wireframes were shared by the product designers. This included designing of the badges, treatment of the profile pictures of the users, colours to be used across the game and other visual elements for the UI.
  • Once the team was aligned on what we’re building, we worked towards a successful engineering handoff, ensuring proper documentation.
  • I also coordinated with the product marketing team for creatives on social media, unacademy website and push notifications.
  • I also contributed to the motion design of the game by creating storyboards for reference and then by creating still assets that could be exported directly into after effects for animation.

Impact of the project

  • Compete was Unacademy’s biggest launch last year. It has been applauded by many and extensively covered by the media.
  • So far 621k learners have played Compete at least once. 8.4 million matches have been played. One user has played more than 10k matches.
  • As a promotional activity, Compete was also made into a game show.
  • Compete for the web was green-lit. The construct and visuals would be the same as Compete on app. I was solely tasked to execute the extension of the creative language for this.

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